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asics gel running shoesAsics--born shoes Asics Shoes, for professional runners surely is no stranger, for non-professional runners who, maybe some a little strange. But walking on campus or the Xidan Street, or Taobao models on a photo shoot, you can always see this one pair of shoes. You may have seen its logo, you just don't know what it's called Asics. Yes, this is a pair of casual shoes, Joker, classic. This is the Asics sports shoes, neutral designs, both men and women wear, the soles are rubber outsole, soft and comfortable, smell of mixture of shoes and sneakers. Lots of fashionable young people all like to wear this one, Joker, whether it be with jeans, pants or sport pants, no problem, stylish, simple. But specializing in running shoes Asics. Asics while fame may not be on Nike, Adidas, NB, but in the field of shoe known, nobody knows. Womens Asics gel Running When it comes to running shoes, I must mention the famous running shoes in the world: United States, SAUCONY, and United States New Balance and the United States of Brooks and Japan's Asics. Sometimes, we will wants to said why a double shoes can sold of so your, actually shoes itself has contains has technology content, on like Asics invention of silicone shock technology (GEL), is said to have 6 meters high falls of eggs in Asics invention of silicone material Shang are not fell broken, so you can imagine, such of a double shoes is how can protection we of feet and knee, because running, especially running is injury knee, so to protection, we General will run Qian do prepared activities stretch. Asics is best known for running shoes, extra durable, General 4-5 is not bad, Yes, professional shoes Asics do is so good. Asics running shoe category: 1. stable. Asics stability-both Gel-Kayano and Gel-GT classes, namely shock absorbers such prices at around 1000, few discounts, regular discounted leisure shoes, not shoes. Gel-Kayano series is the Asics premium stability shoes, suitable for normal or low arches of the foot and mild varus (that is, the walking foot valgus) wear, while most shoes such as Nike right foot type classification, it would appear that the Asics professional.Asics gel nimbus shoes This pair of shoes is very popular, and if you are female, the proposed selection of Kayano, Kayano shoes, more attractive design, but for novices like me, feet are not very different. Selected according to their preferences, and are very comfortable, professional shoes, although more expensive, but it's worth buying, especially people who intends to run for a long time, in order to protect the knees and really need a professional shoes unit, recommend the purchase. 2. the buffer type. Asics cushioning category are Gel-Cumulus and Gel-Nimbus, which correspond to body weight and body weight. Lateral forefoot wear more than the inside of the shoes fit this type. Gel-Cumulus is the top Cheap Asics running shoes series, the price in 1000+, although expensive, but it is necessary for a pair of running professional equipment, buy, wear four or five years without any problems, it is worth. End of Asics rely on elastic shock-proof of shock absorption. When it comes to cushioning shoes, they will think of Nike Air Max series, because they have the role of shock, protect your knees. Nike Air Max is relying on air cushion up to shock, Nike Air Max series (whole Palm cushion) prices are 1000+. Running slightly more in for Asics, Asics shoes the gravity guidance system. Two shoe design is also different, so hard to say which is better, demand different people have different needs, depending on your experience and buy it.





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