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ASICS GEL-NOOSA TRI 11 is a pair of Tetsuzo running shoes, but based on the Noosa series of the Sao pack style, the emergence of small fresh white system is not easy, of course, these shoes will not be in the rut, in the soles and uppers of graffiti simple embellishment, this alternative hip-hop sense of the street graffiti style, perhaps not the first glance at love, but have to admit that TA is fresh enough. See the green This paragraph, there is no thought of the Ninja Turtle as a sense of vision, just like 100%! cheap asics noosa shoes

Because to adapt to the road running and triathlon training, in the shoes of the shoe front foot use jacquard mesh cloth, make wearing more comfortable. The dynamic DUOMAX structure of the upper loading buffer material disperses the ground impact of the Earth. The Propulsion Plate extends to the front foot, with the center of gravity guiding line from the foot to the shoe head, realizing the stable and efficient running efficiency.

When the run can obviously feel the air enters is the best feedback of the ventilation of these shoes, and the need for the summer is occasional, this forefoot extends to the shoe side of the net distribution of the surface of a lot of circular breathable small mouth is the key to ensure permeability, Noosa Tri11 use breathable mesh cloth, distinguish between the previous generation of net shoe surface, so that the shoe interior dry degree can be further promoted.asics gel nimbus running shoes

The material selection also uses very soft single-layer lightweight fabrics to reduce the weight of the shoe body. In addition, in order to maintain the upper stability and comfort, Tri11 this time using the California slip Lasting technology, which is a very similar hot-pressing technology to fully fit on the uppers to ensure that running shoes fit enough, and can provide effective stability. Asics Noosa Tri 11 running shoes, for the spring of 2016 to launch the supporting running shoes, specially designed for triathlon Noosa Tri 11th generation products, Tri 11 integrated the DS series and the characteristics of the Trainer series, the Noosa targeted improvements, in the appearance also increased the area of the printing element.

The shoe is still used in the anti-skid lining material, even if barefoot does not produce any discomfort. The unique Propulsion Trusstic technology, which is the light weight section of the competition level, provides a better energy conversion by placing the thermoplastic unit inside the bottom of forefoot, accelerating the speed of the forefoot pedal. The shock absorber performance of the bottom of the same excellent, before and after the palm not only equipped with the gel damping system, and the use of different hardness of the Solyte in the bottom structure more significantly improved comfort increased buffering effect. The medial midsole is equipped with a new and updated dynamic DUOMAX Power support system, which effectively suppresses the tilt process of the foot bottom, which is best suited for the mild valgus runners. As a stable, medium-bottom interior has a new dynamic DUOMAX power support system, which can effectively restrain the tilt of the plantar in the movement, and is friendly to all kinds of foot-type runners, and reflective design can improve the safety of night running.





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