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asics shoesASICS shoes new conference was held in Tokyo, Japan, the ASICS launched a cross-age sense of the running shoes, ASICS has also been seen as the best brand in the history of a long-distance running shoes. MetaRun running shoes not only opened up the boundaries of professional performance, and even completely broke the original definition, reshaping the connotation of professional running shoes. This running shoes conform to the individual running style, using the ASICS most innovative running technology, providing a runner since the creation of a brand can best respond to the pace of the runners running shoes. MetaRun uses the new five technology FlyteFoam (latest patent, ASICS Arthur's lightest,cheap asics shoes most wear-resistant midsole structure, the use of organic fiber materials bring great cushioning performance), Adapttruss (the latest patent, the revolutionary carbon fiber Jacquard mesh, MetaClutch (external heel support) and X-GEL (hybrid high-tech gel cushioning glue). MetaRun midsole change is the largest, ASICS using a new FlyteFoam, which is by far the ASICS developed the lightest foam, and the use of durable, stable organic fiber reinforcement, the overall stability has been greatly improved . Sloped Duomax application, so that shoes can adapt to a variety of sports state.asics running shoes "Our challenge is to provide stability while maintaining comfort, and we extend the distance to 20 kilometers to see how the degree of valgus changes as the running distance changes." Creating a new oblique DUOMAX system and a revolutionary AdaptTruss structure that provides good comfort based on the degree of foot valgus during the movement. "- Takashi Inomata footwear function development team. Running shoes, the four basic functions (light, stable, fit, cushioning) the balance between the coordination will directly affect the runners running performance. The most important is that the imbalance between the four functions will be on the movement of the foot and body burden and harm. To create a clever combination of these four functions of the running shoes is not easy, usually one of the improvement will affect another function, such as enhanced stability and cushion will increase the weight of shoes. MetaRun's performance is quite satisfactory, but compared to other brands of marathon run Xie, I personally feel that MetaRun or sacrifice a little lightweight to improve its shock absorption performance , Otherwise it will be lighter, which is the pursuit of people-oriented science concept of a performance.






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