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Asics's gel technology works.

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For de studerende, der bare røre løbesko i lang tid, Asics er den mest imponerende ud over de karakteristiske stil af toppen, bør skibsføreren teknologi gel, siden 1980 blev opfundet, Asics Asics Gel brug af glæde, næsten alle produktlinjer og de vigtigste mode retning af Asics er ikke gel teknologi, men tre bogstaver kan ikke repræsentere alt, det samme er gel teknologi sko, kløften mellem lys fra prisen kan ses, Men det er ikke let at se forskel. womens asics gel kinsei 6

Gel technology itself is not complex, similar to Nike's air cushion technology, gel used in the gel material is already commonplace, from shampoo, shower gel, hairspray, there is no shortage of gel, but there are some high-tech existence, such as the world's lightest solid Frozen acceptable aerogels, low density, the use of silicon, metal oxides, polymers and carbon-based materials made of very low cost.

Since Nike can sell air as a product, Asics has nothing wrong with gels, and in the last century they opened their brains, the introduction of a number of gel derivative products for different markets, such as T-Gel, R-gel, P-Gel, Shan-ge, but the market is not a vegetarian, not all the gel can be welcomed, after a series of test water, now used in the running shoes of the gel only two kinds, one is T-Gel, Used in all kinds of top-level and even practical level of the slow-shaking running shoes, the other is the addition of foam technology R-gel, in the pursuit of speed of running shoes is more common.asics gel speedstar running

The biggest feature of gel is that it provides considerable cushioning performance, the official in the promotion of the time known as 6m height of the eggs will not fall on the gel material, but the shortcomings are more obvious, R-gel although the quality is light, but not durable, the designer in the actual time will not expose this part but hide under the soles, such as Gel-Piranha sp.

But you will find that even if you are not talking about the cost of only the performance of marathon running shoes Gel-Piranha sp, gel still not spread across the sole, in the final analysis gel is still gel, it brings weight for the shoe itself is too heavy, the use of the full palm slow-shock technology (Rearfoot and Forefoot gel Cushioning system) weight is generally not light, and using the speed is not sensitive to the people, more attention to buffering and stability, For example, focus on cushioning damping Gel-Kinetic and focus on supporting stable Gel-Rebel, can only be used for jogging.

This shows that gel is not the more the better, whether it is in weight or beginners of the consideration, more people will consider Gel-kayano and Gel-Nimbus two, and Gel-Kinetic, Gel-Rebel similar, the former corresponding support stability, the latter corresponds to buffer damping, even if classified as Asics's top-level running shoes and claimed the same use of the full palm technology, but the actual situation is gel not all over the soles, Take Gel-kayano as an example, the gel is distributed only in the sole portion and, in order to prevent the foot from falling when the runner moves to the ground, the dynamic Duomax in the forefoot is added to ensure stability and support, and the Heel Clutching system provided by the ankle section also provides similar results.womens asics gel kayano 22





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