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Rival praised Eaton one of the greatest

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Eaton and his wife at the same time announced his retirement, and was the first severe new year great for track and field fans. This means that 17 World Championships, we fail to see how this scene to all-around legend couples competed, let alone the Tokyo Olympic Games. In particular the buliyani·taisen·yidun, twice a World Championship runner-up, a games and third, and after 28 years of age, no longer around in back, so powder pity in track and field. Ashidun·yidun remarkable feats, Lady can also be supported by additional power, and military medals on her half. Decathlon acknowledged history's strongest battle Ashton Eaton, a retired, leaving the more legendary records, later to move ahead, don't know when. asics kayano 20 running Seven world champions From the great achievements Eaton has three great "won in a row": at the last two Olympic champions, for the last two World Championships and the last three indoor world champion (indoor is seven). In the Olympics and World Championships are two championship teams, Eaton only one person. Coupled with a highest heptathlon indoor World Championship three-peat, unprecedented levels even higher, this is probably the Eaton feel can't have to much mind. But there is a problem, World Championships in 1983, and only started, was until 1995 the first indoor World Championship, many seniors major gods such as Matthias and Thompson are not participating. To clearly see the greatness of Eaton, we have to compare the specific results.asics nimbus 17 Five world record Eaton's most powerful moments are 12 London Games national trials and 15 World Championships in Beijing, his 9039 and 9045 create consecutive men's Decathlon world record, became the second break 9000 points mark, and rushed into the 9000 points mark for the first time players. To note that, Chinese Taipei player Yang reached a 9121 as early as 1963, but then scoring criteria and now is completely different, adjust Yang's score is 8010. Eaton is still the most violent he repeatedly refreshing indoor heptathlon world record, he was broken three times, seven indoor world record increased from 6476 to 6645. Eaton failed to break the world record every contest so fabulous, but his decathlon usually keep around 8800, the heptathlon is around 6500 points. They had become hurt, two other players to 8600 points and 6100 level is silver and copper, and Eaton's Championship compared to large gaps.asics running shoes cheap





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