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The best of the new generation flagship ASICS Kayano 23

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asics 23I know there is still a lot of people hold the feet pair Kayano 22 as treasures and treats, each carefully put on before a marathon, using it to finish a 42.195 km race. From Kayano 22 Release nearly a year had elapsed time, next-generation flagship Kayano 23 when so far has been slowly put on the agenda. Love Burns granted the sole source a few days ago, a new generation of Kayano 23 in 2016 will be formally launched in September, although almost 2 months before September, but love burning has got all the information about Kayano 23, decrypting. asics shoes online Kayano ASICS has used 22 launched more better soft breathable fabric, so in the Kayano 23 outer continues the design of the shoe. In fact the upper with ASICS Gel-Quantum series upper material very similar to feel a lot better than it was before. In the upper outer layer, ASICS still uses the Fluidfit upper technology, the other in the Kayano 23 medial upper new ADAPTIVE STABILITY control technology, using breathable mesh uppers are different, large and small realize the foot to maximize fitness. Vamp is still filled with a foam layer of fabric to wrap the feet on the one hand, on the other hand is to provide a more comfortable shoe. Kayano 23 upper support design without too many different variations, embodiment of the ASICS logo on both sides of upper thermal laminating material as the upper support on both sides, toe anti-collision design was added. But before the whole upper is not any additional supporting materials, so this part of the upper supported only by the outer layer of breathable mesh permutations and combinations of different sizes for asics shoes In the heel, Kayano 23 uses a great deal of hard plastic-wrapped heel, Kayano 22 compared to the previous generation, this part of the support package more complete, followed by the left and right sides reserved only a small part of the space. We're guessing this part of the update is that the Kayano series itself the weight of "no followed" is a very big impact, ASICS has strengthened, followed by packages, avoid running in the "no followed" such a bad experience. Kayano 23 midsole made of three materials combine into top Kayano series has been used in the past by FluidRide 2.0 cushion material, the middle layer is the most classic ASICS GEL cushioning rubber, below is a FlyteFoam Kayano 23 brand new lightweight midsole material. Here emphatically say GEL cushioning gel and lightweight FlyteFoam midsole material, Kayano 23 GEL material is mainly placed on the outer side of the shoe, the balls with a part of the Palm. Structurally and Kayano 22 not much difference, Palm is a continuous wave-shaped GEL structure, ball is two separate triangular structure.asics running shoes From this view, Kayano 23 has a buffer location plays in the Palm of the shock absorbers. But GEL more as a secondary material is used in the end of buffer, more cushioning and rebound task is the new FlyteFoam materials. ASICS at fashion show in New York last week, launched a FlyteFoam material at the end of shoes, FlyteFoam the end of 55% lighter than standard EVA material and cushioning properties increased by 76%. FlyteFoam material adds enhanced fiber used to improve elasticity in the bottom, so the overall feel slightly more rigid, but after pressing can be quickly restored to its original state, compared with EVA a lot worse in the elasticity of the material. Kayano 23 in the buffer and elasticity will be better than previous-generation Kayano 22 many, even more than you think. In addition to the buffer, Kayano 23 in the support structure at the end of the design is still used in DYNAMIC dynamic DUOMAX support structure, tap the inner edge of the diamond structure materials too hard can successfully solve the problem of road running ankle Varus. Connection shoes arch locations around hard materials also provides great support for Arch performance. Design Kayano 23 AHAR+ wear-resistant rubber outsole abrasion resistant rubber, the material itself is not a new design, wearability and Kayano 22 will not be too prejudicial. But Kayano 23 tooth shade at the end of the new design, different combinations of triangular tooth composition outsole with skid resistant structure, so in terms of skid resistance may have made new progress.asics shoes outlet






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